Adoption Application

Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for considering adoption of a pet in need. Please ensure this application is filled out completely and that all family members are in agreement about adding this pet. A pet is a serious commitment that can be over 15 yrs. We will do our best to ensure that the pet you are looking at is a good match for your home and the following questions will help with that decision.

​Please Note: We do not adopt out to anyone who uses an e-collar for training or has a unaltered pet (not due to age or medical reasons).

If you are not the homeowner, please contact your landlord to ensure you can adopt.

We will be contacting your veterinarian to verify information.  Supplying their name and phone number is also your consent for us to contact them.

Ruff to Rescue Express requires a home visit prior to any adoption.  All members of household must be present during the visit so we can see how pet reacts to the home and all potential new family members.  

Selecting NO will result in denial of application.

By submitting the above application to Ruff to Rescue Express you certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You also acknowledge false information will result in denial of application.